Terrace night


Impress your guests with a memorable event or take advantage of the perfect backdrop for your audiovisual filming in the perfect setting of La Vinya 5.

La Vinya 5 offers an exclusive opportunity for celebrations, cocktail parties, dinners and corporate events. It is also ideal for film production companies interested in filming spots, video clips or scenes that want to transmit luxury and distinction.

Corporate Events at the Villa

In an idyllic setting and in a house with a hallmark of elegance such as La Vinya 5, events take on a new dimension of category and attractiveness. The villa offers an unbeatable opportunity for executives and companies to create events that enhance their brand prestige. In addition, the PGA Catalunya Resort Golf Course is an unbeatable place to grow your business network with partners or potential clients.  

Celebration and Holidays with Friends and Family at the Villa

There are occasions that deserve to be celebrated in style because they only happen once in a lifetime. On that day, everything must be perfect and this is the guarantee of quality that La Vinya 5 offers. Imagine a cocktail party outside, a dinner toasting in the spacious lounge or bathing with your loved ones in the fantastic infinity pool or relaxing in the jacuzzi. Happiness tastes so much better when it is shared. Create a group of people who deserve to live this experience and celebrate it in style.

Shooting and Filming at the Villa

Are you an audiovisual production company looking for a spectacular house for a shooting? La Vinya 5 can be the ideal exclusive setting you are looking for. Whether you are filming a video clip, a spot or a scene for a tv show or film, the villa offers you the ideal location and the privacy you need to shoot in the best possible conditions.